How to Rebrand a Business

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Embrace the Change

Whether we want it to or not, most things on the internet are forever. In some digital library, server, or hard drive there is a record of everything we’ve done online. Though this may be true, it doesn’t have to be an obstacle when rebranding a company.

By embracing the change, you maneuver your brand through a perception that it has been labeled or a bad public image. Eliminating these perceptions are possible by rebranding.

Rebranding with a Purpose

In rebranding your business, you are repositioning its placement in your audience’s mind. Similarly, it alters how your business is thought about, talked about, and maybe even what it does or offers. A new brand identity can lead to attracting new audiences to your brand.

How can this be done? There are several ways, ranging from large to small changes. An example: something as simple as changing the signature color of your business can seem small, but have significant impacts. A signature color can help improve your brand recognition by up to 80%.

Though color can be the beginning of change, rebranding can involve one or more of the following options. It depends on what will serve your business.

  • Visual Design
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Vission
  • Function
  • Offerings

Automate Your Brand

Various strategies and tactics can be involved in the rebranding. Digital marketing technology and tools are advancing every day, and utilizing these updates can be critical for your business — this is where automation comes in.

So, what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Such automation alleviates repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Automation can help any business stay ahead of the curve when used correctly when rebranding a business. Marketing automation can make things more efficient by taking smaller tasks, such as: posting on Facebook, sending out a tweet, and more. Moreover, this can allow you to focus on the critical aspects of marketing.

brand identity and brand strategy

Time to Rebrand

If you believe it may be time to rebrand, you might consider streamlining your focus. A clear understanding of your focus will better suit your business if you think:

  • Altering your business function will attract more you can try this out or higher quality customers
  • Streamlining your concentration will improve your promotions
  • Your business has become outdated
  • The market is oversaturated
  • The reputation of your business needs a restart

Communicating and Establishing Brand Values

We have moved past the time where your audience, and people in general, no longer wants to with faceless businesses. They prefer to interact with a brand that reflects their values. A brand that has a consistent look and impression to consumers across platforms can increase revenue.

Branding Tip: If your rebranding efforts include targeting millennials and Gen Z, it is particularly important that your brand reflects their values. Click To Tweet

A New Function for a New Brand

To undertake this particular avenue of rebranding comes with its challenges. These challenges can incorporate severe alterations as it can be a complete overhaul, which can be messy.

For instance, a corporate rebranding can include:

  • Changing your entire function
  • Removing and replacing staff
  • Cutting tides with a certain clientele

When considering this form of a rebrand, make sure it’s something you will want to commit to. Function rebranding at mostly enacted by more prominent corporations that need a new branding identity.

creative branding and rebranding

A Focus on Design

A design rebrand is less severe but still can involve its challenges. Though, if done correctly, it is much simpler to accomplish. Every few years, you should be refreshing your brand’s image. If your company has continuously used the same visual elements to market itself for years, then it is time for a change.

Rebranding through design can c changing your colors, fonts, logo, and graphics. Completely transformation of design can utterly shift the brand’s perception of the world. This is where a brand style guide should be produced.

A style guide is a set of standards for the writing, design of documents, general use of logo, organization, or colors. A style guide establishes and enforces style guidelines for consistent branded communication.

When to Change the Design of your Business

Rebranding for the sake of rebranding is will NEVER turn out good. A successful rebrand must focus on its purpose to indeed be effective. When developing a new brand strategy, many businesses opt for visuals as it is the most prominent way to display a new style.

  • A business changes their function and needs visual to match
  • Brand Logo and visuals are outdated
  • Your current brand needs a reputation redo

To be a successful online business or brand visuals are immensely valuable. Online marketing thrives on visual communications to reflect a brand’s message. If your website has a high bounce rate, it could be how your visual branding is expressed on your site. Research has shown that users will opt to stop using a business’s webpage if it looks unappealing.

create an online brand

Rebranding in Action

After deciding why and how you will rebrand, then it is time to start the step to a rebranding process. A significant part of the rebranding strategy is making sure that your audience and company are on the same page.

Make Sure Your Audience Understands

Now that you know how and why you want to rebrand, and which aspects of the company you want to alter or change entirely, the real work begins. Constructing a cohesive and living marketing plan will be the next step. A rebranding marketing plan should inform your current and new audience why you made the change and who you are, now.

You have to be confident when presenting your rebrand design. People are creatures of habit and will be resistant to change. To smoothly make sure you effectively communicate the changes of the new brand, ensure you update across any platforms your business is active.

For each business this is different – it can include your website, social media accounts, blogs, and emails.

To be a successful online business or brand visuals are immensely valuable. Online marketing thrives of visual communications to reflect a brand's message. Click To Tweet

Branding from the Outside In

It is vital that internal rebrand processes and procedures should line up with your new brand messaging. All outgoing marketing content has to be consistent in its messaging. This can be accomplished by not ignoring from within.

When your brand is doing something new, the business infrastructure, employees and operation are to be incorporated. Staff will need to be informed of what exactly is being altered and how that affects what they need to do. Doing this will allow your rebrand to be efficient and consistent.

Rebranding and It’s Benefits

Rebranding a company can work on a plethora of levels as no two brands or rebrands are similar. It all depends on the necessities and goals of the business.

In some rebrand strategy a new logo, new visual rebrand, or complete reconstruction of a company can be necessary. Not all businesses and not every business will need each aspect, which is why this idea needs to be approached strategically.

Developing a rebranding process and steps will prevent blindly entering into a rebrand unprepared. This is never a good idea. As such, a thoughtful and appropriate procedure should be enacted for each situation.

Whether it’s a large or small rebrand, incorporating it into a digital marketing strategy, even the simplest changes can work wonders for a business.

If you are experiencing slow growth, unsatisfactory reach, or reputation issues, rebranding is something to consider. It can assist in revitalizing a brand, whether it is struggling or needs some retouching.

how to rebrand an online business

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