My signature process for a brand identity project is my secret sauce to develop a brand that you and your customers will adore. It involves getting deep with the discovery stage, drafting one high-quality design concept, and checking each other to stay goal ­oriented throughout all of the stages. The process is as follows:

  1. Questionnaire: To get started, you complete my lengthy but essential questionnaire lo understand every corner of your business, your goals, and your customers.
  2. First Call: We hop on a call lo discuss the questionnaire and get further clarification on what you envision for your dream brand and customer.
  3. Discovery Phase: Analyzing all the info I’ve gathered thus for, I research your market and your competitors. I then create a moodboord and creative brief that you will approve.
  4. Design: Finally, onto designing! I first sketch concepts until I craft one that’s hitting all the checkboxes from the Discovery Phase. I flesh it out so you con envision it ‘in the wild’.
  5. Presentation: We hop on another call lo present your new brand identity. I go through all of the rationale of your design and ask for essential feedback.
  6. Deliverables: After refinement, I deliver your brand files via Google Drive. Congrats! You ore now qualified for exclusive client-only discounts and design retainers!

A moodboord is basically a collage of images that carry a similar style for design reference. It’s a great tactic lo ensure both you and I ore envisioning the some thing for your brand. The moodboord is included in the Discovery Phase of my signature process and it’s the visual roadmap for your design. We do not move forward with the process until we ore both satisfied with the moodboord.

Retainer packages ore due 100% upfront before the commencement of any work. For brand packages, 50% of the quote is due upfront lo reserve your service. When the project is complete, the remaining 50% is due lo deliver the design files. Payment con be mode via secure credit cord or ACH. No checks or Paypal payments are accepted unless directly stated in our contract.

Certainly! No project is too big or too small. I highly encourage my clients to sign up for a graphic design retainer to save money, time, and ensure a smooth process for continuous design support. Moreover, design retainers will guarantee my time for your convenience. For more complex projects, I offer not-fee proposals upon request.

As on experienced design professional, I am well-adept in the print industry and handling complicated print orders. I do not handle printing unless specifically requested by you. In which case, I will provide a separate bill that must be paid in full upfront lo handle your print order. My preferred print vendor is Moo.com.

Start dotes vary depending on my current workload, so ii con range from tomorrow lo a few weeks from now. Therefore, I highly encourage you lo get in contact with me today so we con properly arrange a start and end dote that will work for you. If your deadline is possible for me, I will propose a project timeline during your booking to make certain we will meet your end dote.

I use Adobe and Microsoft Office software. For Adobe, that includes: Illustrator, Photoshop, lnDesign, and Lightroom. I also use Keynote, Convo, and Google Suite. I am happy to provide native files that ore easy for you lo adjust if discussed ahead of lime during the proposal stage.

I con provide the following file types: PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, EPS, TIFF, GIF, Doc, Ppt, Key, Psd, lndd, Ai. Any special files con be requested as well.

I offer complimentary 30-minule phone or video consultations during our projects. As on organizational neat freak, I prefer lo keep as much of our conversations in one place for easy referencing in the future. Therefore, I invite my clients to join me on Trello (a free project management system). in which I hove a special board just for you and me. I also use our client portal, which you receive access lo in our welcome email, lo store files, emails, and other notes pertaining lo your brand.

This is a rare case. In fact, it’s so rare that’s it’s honestly never happened yet. The reason for this is that my signature process eliminates the chance for you to be dissatisfied with the work. We hove different milestones in which we check we ore meeting your ultimate goal and steering the designs in the right direction. However, if there does come a lime when you ore not satisfied, I om open lo discussing how we con resolve this. Refund terms ore slated in our contract.